Data Center Optimization

Cisco Data Center Optimization Services can help you improve operations and grow your business


IT is a business enabler, but controling IT and data center cost is essential for a company to stay competitive. We help our customer optimise Data Center Solution, reduce cost without compromising security and performance


• Use technology to drive business iniciatives and strategies
that drive growth
• Reduce complexity and eliminate waste
• Reduce space, improve managebility and automatic
• Roll out solutions faster and improve services availability

As IT has become an enabler of business so Data center in most organizations has become more complex and very expensive. Allied Computers can help your organization to do more with less and consolidate and reduce data center costs, Using are range of technology solution we can help to simplify , consolidate IT infrastructure and reduce IT Capital cost and Opex cost while improving IT efficiency . This we approach using an analysis based method to access the true IT cost and proposed solutions that can reduce cost and improve efficient and simplify management.

Data center optimization help to reduce the addition of servers and hardware components through smarter data management strategies and the reduction of management staffing through more efficient project management. Generally, professionals review a project's size and scope, as well as a data center's existing functionality, to find areas of improvement that can help the business save money.

Experts have talked about quantifying return on investment (ROI) for data center optimization. The rule is that if leaders are unable to prove evidence of ROI, data center optimization is not necessarily worth the effort. Additionally, consultants have pointed to instances where ROI is not clear and data center optimization projects have not worked as intended. This has led to a fairly large burden of proof for those who implement these types of programs.